“Threads of Empowerment”


We empower women to feel beautiful at any age, while being absolutely comfortable. With a durability that matches the strength of the women who wear it, BeAthleisure is active fashion for all who strive to feel comfy in one’s own skin.

My story

With a love for making people feel better about themselves, my passion is to create a product that inspires all women to live beautiful lives. As a registered dietitian, certified personal trainer and an athlete of over 40 years, I live in activewear. Therefore, I know the impact our clothes have on how we feel. I’m confident that BeAthleisure will provide the necessary levels of comfort, support and beauty while we continue to become the best version our ourselves.


BeAthleisure is dedicated to empower women through active fashion and beyond. A portion of all proceeds goes to support survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence. We partner with No More Tears, an organization that has rescued over 30,000 women, children and men.